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    Default rss feed

    can you tel how rss feeds helps in SEO

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    RSS feed is the best way to serve the fresh content to your website visitors. It is the best way to generate quality traffic to your website. Through RSS feed you can get instant updates. It will ping the search engines about your updated content.
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    RSS is beneficial to both publishers and website visitors. It gives the power of subscription to the user. Users are given a free-hand on which websites to give to in their RSS aggregators which they can change at any time they decide differently.

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    RSS is the good way to always keep in touch with your site visitors and provide them every new update information to the users.

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    For increasing rss feed subscriber, you may submit your RSS feed to high page rank rss feed submission web sites. You have to increase followers of your blog for increase popularity.

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    How can RSS feed help in increasing page rank? Can you share some useful website for RSS Feed Submission.

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    Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a great way to deliver content into the hands of potential website visitors. It is also a channel for syndicating your content onto others’ websites.
    And, of course, with that comes links — deep links into your latest products, best sellers, articles, buyers guides, blog posts, forum posts, special offers and clearance items — whatever you feature in your RSS feeds.

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    Hi dear,
    I want to know the best way to map the rss for any website. please friend tell me the detailed procedure, so that I can be able to map it correctly.

    Thanks in advance.

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