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    Lightbulb Lotus in Sanskrit

    The Lotus flower (scientific unique name - Nelumbo nucifera) is a flower that is found not only in the waters, but in innumerable Indian literature. Lotus, in India has a very significant place in the culture and tradition and philosophy and spiritual writings in India. No wonder it is recognized as the national flower of India.

    Indian philosophy makes use of terms and phrases like 'lotus eyed', 'lotus like face', 'lotus feet', 'like lotus remains untouched by water', etc so commonly that the lotus has become an icon of spirituality making many painters draw Gods and Goddesses seated on the lotus flower and/or holding lotus flower, etc.
    Equally amazing is the number of names that are synonymous to the word lotus. Almost all the names are constructed with the base combination of 'the one born in water'. Example Jalaja meaning the lotus flower is derived from 'jala' meaning water in Sanskrit and 'ja' meaning the taking birth. In the Sanskrit literature, there are multiple synonyms for the word water and is used to reconstruct similar names to suite the meter of the compositions in the Sanskrit literature.

    I tried to search the world wide web to find how many such names can be listed but the fact is the list can grow to more than 100 names which can be 'found' on the internet. If one dares to dig in into the actual Sanskrit literature and tries to list it out, i bet the list can grow multifolded.

    Here is a rare list (could not find all these names in one place) of names of the lotus flower found in Sanskrit language.

    1 Abja
    2 Ambhoja
    3 Ambhoruha
    4 Ambuja
    5 Aniikini
    6 Aravinda
    7 Bakasahavasini
    8 Bisaja
    9 Bisakusuma
    10 Bisaprasoona
    11 Bisapushpa
    12 Bisatantumaya
    13 Indeevara
    14 Jalaja
    15 Jalakaranka
    16 Kairava
    17 Kaja
    18 Kamala
    19 Kanja
    20 Karnapoora
    21 Kaumudi
    22 Kavela
    23 Kumuda
    24 Kunaala
    25 Kinjala
    26 Lakshmiigrha
    27 Mahotpala
    28 Mrunalini
    29 Naala
    30 Naalika
    31 Naidile
    32 Nalina
    33 Neeraja
    34 Padma
    35 Padmaadi
    36 Pankaja
    37 Pankheruha
    38 Pundareeka
    39 Pundra
    40 Pushkara
    41 Rajasooya
    42 Rajeeva
    43 Ravinda
    44 Ravipriya
    45 Rochana
    46 Saarasa
    47 Sahasradala
    48 Sahasrapatra
    49 Salilodbhava
    50 Sarasija
    51 Sarasiruha
    52 Saroja
    53 Saroruha
    54 Shatadala
    55 Shatapatra
    56 Sheetalajala
    57 Shryaahva
    58 Sriniketa
    59 Srka
    60 Sudhaasooti
    61 Taamarasa
    62 Taavare
    63 Toyaja
    64 Udaja
    65 Usheshaya
    66 Vaarija
    67 Vaariruha
    68 Vanashobhana
    69 Varydhbhava
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    Great list. Good work. Sanskrit is an interesting language to learn.

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