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Thread: Killing of Baby Girls in India

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    Exclamation Killing of Baby Girls in India

    Just over a week ago a gruesome incident caught national media attention in India, where a three-month old baby girl named ‘Baby Afreen’ died at a hospital in Bangalore, fighting a losing battle with death for three days. She was admitted to the hospital with multiple head injuries, dislocated neck, bruises, burn marks and bite marks all over her little body, which she reportedly had received from her father! Her father hated her absolutely since birth and has been trying since then to get rid of her, as he wanted to be the father of a boy, not a girl!

    This is no isolated case in India, silent horrific killings like these happen all around the country on a daily basis in both villages and cities, as the nation with a stark gender bias hangs its head in shame! The 2011 Census Report shows a decline in the child sex ratio (for children aged six years or less) from 927 females per 1000 males in 2001 Census Report to 914, despite extensive campaigning by the Government of India to ‘Save the Girl Child’ and treat them equally as boys, providing them love and proper care. The report shows that the message hasn’t been received with open arms by larger sections of the society of India and many of them still treat girl child as future burdens.

    States and union territories like Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Chandigarh and Delhi are particularly notorious in this aspect and are among the major contributors to the skewed sex ratio. The use of ultrasound techniques for determining the gender of the foetus and sex-selective abortion is banned in India since 1994 but till today the ultrasound clinics and illegal abortion clinics are running with impunity in and around Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, as well as many other places, helping in the widespread elimination of the girl child. There is a clear nexus between a part of the dishonest medical fraternity, corrupted authorities and unscrupulous politicians that ensure the smooth running of such killer houses.

    This is not all; there are worse hidden truths than this. Baby girls are brutally battered to death, poisoned to death, buried alive, drowned in milk, left to die in garbage cans, pots, boxes, gunny bags or simply thrown in the river. Some infants are simply abandoned in the middle of the road and left to the mercy of their fate. Some baby girls aren’t breast fed, so that they die of starvation. Those who are a little kinder would deny their daughters medical treatment, in the hope that they would die of disease! Those few lucky ones who are spared from death in families craving for a boy are tormented throughout their infancy with endless chores and of course endless taunts as well.

    Such shameful is the attitude and practices across large sections of the society in India and things are only going down by the day. As per the Census Reports the number of female child per 1000 male child (0 to 6 years) has dropped severely from 976 in 1961 to 914 in 2011, which is really a sharp decline in a matter of only 50 years. A recent report published by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA), from data collected for 150 countries over 40 years shows that India and China are the only two countries in the world where female infant mortality is higher than male infant mortality in the 2000s. If things go like this, such dark days are not far when there will be wide sections in the society of India, devoid of baby girls! It is our choice to wait for such a catastrophe or act tough now.
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    Very true Buroo, every day newspaper is flooded with this type of news. Some cases goes unreported. God only knows how many Afreen and Falak has seen this type of cruelty. Girl child are either killed in the womb or poisoned or abandoned. These types of incidents are becoming a routine affair now-a-days. Even some educated families don’t hesitate to kill their daughters. They forget that it is only a girl who gives birth to a boy.
    Now question arises why is the male child preferred? Just because it is believed that a son will help in their old age and daughter has to be married off by giving lots of dowry. In other words, son is believed to be an asset and daughter a liability.
    Even if she is not killed by her parents, at every stage of her life she has to face discrimination and has to sacrifice everything for her brother like new books, clothes, good food etc. These things are noticed even in educated families. She misses the roses of life and is given only thorns.
    The mother is even not spared. It is known fact that only a father is responsible for the sex of a child, still a woman is taunted because she has not given birth to a baby boy. Sometimes even the mother is killed for not giving birth to a baby boy or her husband marries another woman for the want of a baby boy.
    In our nation 12 million girls are born each year, but only one third survives. Some are killed in the womb, some after birth, and some due to inadequate nutrition.
    For curbing this menace we have to change our narrow outlook. Dowry system the main reason of the evil should be abolished. For those who kill their daughter punishment should be strict, so that they will never ever dare to do it. Those families who have only daughter some assistance should be provided to them e.g. subsidy in food, free education, financial assistance if they provide education to their daughter etc. More steps should be taken for women empowerment especially in poor families.
    It’s a pity that a nation which worships women in various forms either kills it or makes life hell for them.
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