Dance Duo:
A couple of feet spiralling in a melodious whirlwind to create just the right amount of mystique to
make you wish you had that other someone, absolutely anyone who has that thirst for dance.
Step Up:
If you were on the streets battling for your hood, and you had one minute, just one shot, to stun the
other gang with you oomph moves, what would you do? Karma chameleon, step it up a tad bit and
you could be challenging some of the most revelling moves in the hood. Dance your worries away,
just feel the beat, and let it mesmerize your soul.
There’s more than meets the eye. Sizzle on the floor with your extravagant carefully manicured
moves, and just maybe, you’ll create a perfectly stunning piece, your personal bequest, your grand
prize. You and your dance; nothing more, nothing less.
Classical Solo
Let the untainted descant of your soul transcend into the very soul of your performance. A perfect
miscellany of intricately carved marble-like expressions with a subtle yet astoundingly brave attempt
at surpassing the supreme conscience into a realm far too aesthetic for you and I.