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Thread: Whom to contact for Rural development?

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    Question Whom to contact for Rural development?


    I'm looking for some information but before that let me give you'll some background information.

    My mom was born and brought up in a Villg.(Punaul) in Jharkhand, Chatra Dist, Itkhori which I got to visit 2 times. The last time was in '98-'99.

    I keep getting information now and then about the latest happenings there and trust me it doesn't give me an iota of happiness.

    There is still no washroom in that area. Employment opportunities are almost nil. Because of the recent drought like conditions people are facing a real tough time.

    So, I'm looking for some directions in the same field. Who are the concerned authorities in this case? How can I request for the basic necessities for these people.

    I plan to visit the place in Feb - March 2013.

    Any information would be of great help.

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    Manisha, Share your question with your friends/public in Facebook. You may get some clarification...

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