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Thread: Indore Police Reaches New Low of Shameful Policing in India

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    Angry Indore Police Reaches New Low of Shameful Policing in India

    Everybody knows that the duty of the Police force in India is to maintain law and order in the country and it is one of their primary jobs for which they get paid from the government apart from their several other functions. Among their other primary roles in society one very important role is to help and assure distressed people and provide relief and assistance to anybody in need. In short one of their major duties is to cater to the common citizens of the country. This fact is not only true for India, but it is true for any Nation that has a democratic government and constitutional structure at its disposal. Sadly this is the area where the current Indian Police force is falling way short and I’m not really sure that majority of them have any honest intentions to make amends.

    While travelling in the road you must have seen the cops accepting or even demanding bribes from vehicle drivers blatantly, unless you have been living in another world! It is quite a common disturbing sight by now in almost all parts of India, something that we have grown used to seeing by now. I don’t expect things changing on that front, particularly when corruption has become a way of life in India at the expense of the common citizen! Regarding corruption within the police force, it doesn’t stop with accepting or extorting bribes from vehicles, it begins from there. Next in line are the bribes that almost all citizens have to pay the police when they had the misfortune of visiting a police station either to just register a complaint, register an FIR, get a general diary, report a crime or offence, report a loss or theft, passport verification purposes, or some other necessary purpose.

    It is even stated that some police stations have their rate charts for doing specific jobs. The more complicated the job the greater the economic value. If you need to get your job done then you must pay the specific amount meant for a particular service that should have been provided free of cost to every Indian law abiding citizen to begin with! Therefore those who have loads of money at their disposal always find good favours from the police even if they happen to be at the wrong side of the law and some hapless poor family or individual usually bears the brunt of it. They can get a favourable case file or clause against any ordinary person, get any ordinary citizen arrested on false charges, get additional security, or some other favour in exchange to the financial bounty provided.

    This scenario is nothing new and since there is no honest intention from any quarter of the establishment to address this cancer of corruption at its root, therefore it continues to sicken the whole social structure of the country. And it is also quite natural that the more the police officials get away with such crimes the degree of brazenness is only going to increase. Quite naturally it also starts affecting their overall performance, after all if you get money so easily why would you need to work for it? It is the same case with the Indian police force also; currently they are very reluctant to do jobs that don’t fill their pockets. They will only move when you show them the bucks or apply pressure from quarters like the establishment and media they care for.

    Corruption and inaction are not the only issues that are ailing the Indian police force. Police world over is notorious for its brutality and human rights violations and the Indian Police is also not far behind in that shameful list. Custodial deaths, picking up and torturing innocent people based on suspicion, torturing under trials to get confession of crimes, bashing up people on the streets, beating up protestors of peaceful rallies and marches mercilessly are just to name a few of the countless human rights violations that the Indian Police commit on a daily basis across the length and breadth of the country. A recent report by the New Delhi based Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) suggests that more than 14,000 people died in custody in India between 2001 and 2010, most of them from being tortured. These numbers does not include the countless others who are eliminated by the police via encounters or other hideous criminal methods.

    Among the several ugly faces of the Indian police force that we the citizens of this country had to watch since its inception, which is becoming uglier by the day, the face of apathy and callousness is one that is increasingly becoming vivid to every ordinary and good-thinking citizen of India. One such recent case probably have breached the level of callousness and made our heads hang in shame.

    The shocking incident is from the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. On August 22, 2012 a young man by the name of Ravi Dangi of 19 years was stabbed brutally after being beaten up mercilessly, along with his friend by four goons in the Rajendra Nagar locality, who were passing lewd comments towards his sister and was also trying to outrage her modesty. As Ravi’s friend Ankit, who was injured himself, rushed profusely bleeding Ravi to the nearby Police Station, the police made them wait outside the police station for nearly an hour, while they were busy doing the necessary paperwork for registering the victim’s complaint. Despite fervent requests from Ankit and others accompanying Ravi the police ignored all pleas of shifting him to the hospital. Even the television cameras caught a moment of unthinkable apathy by the Indore police when some of the policemen were seen laughing and chatting among themselves, as the brave boy lay bleeding profusely from his wounds outside the police station!

    Later when Ravi was shifted to the nearby hospital he was declared dead on arrival. His post-mortem report later inferred that he died from excessive loss of blood. It is no brainer for anybody that the boy could very well have been saved had the police acted on time and shifted him to the hospital at the earliest. Some reports even suggest that the police made the bleeding boy wait outside the police station so that the police station doesn’t get dirty from his blood! I wonder if there is an iota of humanity left among majority of those wearing the police uniform!

    As was expected the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister and the Inspector General of Indore gave a clean chit to the Indore police, while the pictures were ample testimony to the disgusting apathy of the Indore police. It just proves once again that there is little regard for the value of lives of ordinary citizens of India to most of its police force. Two of the criminals were later caught, while the others are still at large.

    This is no isolated incident and the very fact that nobody is either accountable for this barbaric incident to have taken place or have been taken to task as a matter of redress only ensure that such utter deplorable incident can very well be repeated in the future in some other part of the country. I don’t want to paint a picture of doom and gloom but I don’t see how the ordinary poor citizens of this country will be protected by a force that is reluctant to do its job. They are happy catering to their political bosses that make their job more secure; the ordinary citizen of this country is like cannon fodder anyway to those holding any position of power and importance.

    What does matter if a lesser known brave young boy from some part of this country bleeds to death without getting proper hospitalization just because some men in the police uniform chose to do away with their human virtues?
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    Post The golden hour

    Very true, Buroo...It was shocking to see the news on the television...Actually the policemen were recording an oral statement from the bleeding young boy of how the incident happened instead of rushing him to a hospital.

    Everyone is aware that when an accident or mishap happens, the first few minutes is known as the "golden hour" and it is important to either give the victim a first aid or take him/her to the nearest hospital. One wonders if this knowledge is imparted to the policemen or not.

    At times even in some hospitals, the doctors and management delay the necessary medical care by saying that it is a police case and an FIR needs to be filed before the treatment starts. Or at times they try to make the victim be taken to some other hospital in order to avoid facing legal complications.

    There seems to be no value to the life of the common man. In this particular case in Indore, I think that even the goons can be forgiven, but not the policemen, who were responsible for the death of the young boy due to their indifferent and negligent attitude. It is just "another case" for them but for the parents and dear ones of the boy...???

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