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Thread: Maatraan - Really a different movie as the title?!

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    Post Maatraan - Really a different movie as the title?!

    The movie begins on a very light note with the birth of the conjoined twins – Vimalan and Akilan (both played by Surya) - unexpected off-springs to their Genetic Scientist father (Sachin Khedekar as Ramachandran) – the way the twins grow, their interests, food habits, dressing style and how Vimalan and Akilan are a complete contrast in their personality, thus, setting the foundation of the movie, that it’s purely a KV Anand’s movie, tapping some more talent within Surya, with an intention to provide a good entertaining show.

    Like any other common man in India, who has the talent but not the platform to showcase, Ramachadran too does not get the support to continue his research work (possibly because of bureaucracy and certainly due to corruption ). But that doesn’t deter him to move on in his life and he starts a baby-food enterprise called Locus Lacto, which later become the market leader (thanks to the health – drink product Energion!!). To celebrate the success of becoming the market leader, Ramachandran hosts a party – and Anjali is introduced here silently as an employee of Locus Lacto – (oops!! Anjali – played by Kajal Agarwal). His competitors and rivals, media and everyone are interested in knowing the trade secret of “Energion”. While most fail in their attempts to bring the formula of “Energion” to public, Volga, a Russian journalist, investigates the secret behind it and collates enough evidences to shake the well – established empire of Ramachandran’s Locus Lacto!!

    With Vimalan – a portrayal for truth, justice, disciplined, caring, sensible and sensitive towards others and Akilan – a portrayal for recklessness, carefree attitude, flirtatious and selfish natured guy, the first 60-70 minutes of the movie are entertaining and grabs the attention of the audience, with scenes like the twins trying to woo Anjali, Akilan helping (rather teaching) Vimalan on how to love a girl and deaths of insignificant and/or pivotal characters in the movie.

    The movie takes a predictable twist just before the intermission and the entertainment factor stops right there as well. Despite the predictability of the twist, the audience was definitely glued to the 10-15 minutes before the intermission and there was silence – just because of the way the sequence was portrayed on screen. (I watched this movie on the 2nd day after its release and this could have been due to this factor as well!!). The second half focuses on how Surya gets to know the secrets behind the deaths of the characters in the first half, the mystery behind “Energion” and how each of the piece fits into the jig-saw puzzle. Well, I complete the review of the second half with just that single sentence.

    Strengths of the movie -
    1. Surya’s performance.
    2. Casting of actors and each character’s completeness.
    3. The heroine (though not a meaty role) was part of the movie till the end and was not just a glamour doll.
    4. The plot.

    Weakness and factors that could have been taken into consideration –
    1. Though the second half of the movie has a few important scenes to explain the story, it has been stretched too long! The amount of crispness Ko (KV Anand’s previous movie) had, was definitely missing. This reminds the audience’s experience of 7am Arivu (Surya’s previous release). The plot lost its focus for the inclusion of little commercial elements and it was little late before it could be pulled back to track.
    2. The song where the twins try to woo Anjali or the fight sequence of the twins was not captured well. As a movie buff, I wanted to see on how a conjoined twin would actually dance or fight but rather I ended up seeing some continuous shaky camera focusing on only one of the characters or one character clearly behind the other, just like how a normal twin / a dual role played in other movies would have been shown.
    3. The songs were quite normal and except the intro song I could not recollect the tunes of the others as I walked out of the theater. Harris Jayaraj's RR was just OK, as it would be in his other movies!

    And finally my review comments – KV Anand Sir – despite “Maatraan” being a decent package, there was nothing different from your previous movies.

    The clich├ęd scene of mocking your previous release in the current release, the predictability of twists and canning a movie in the same trend of your previous releases definitely needs reconsideration for the making of your next movie.

    - SK Abhi
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    Welcome back skabhi after a long gap...Well written review.

    Seems to be a different kind of a story for the Tamil screen. I do hope that Surya's performance and his effort to play an unusual role of conjoined twins will be a treat to watch for his fans.

    Keep writing skabhi. Looking forward to reading more threads and posts by you in the days to come...

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