When terrorists willingly sacrifice their lives to terrorise innocent people, should we not risk our lives to save the innocent ones? This is the storyline of the Tamil movie Thuppakki, featuring Vijay and Kajal Agarwal in the lead roles.

Jagadish (Vijay) is an army officer. He is also a Defence Intelligence Agent (DIA) which is not known even to his family. He comes home to Mumbai on vacation to stay with his parents and sisters who take him straight from the railway station to Kajal’s house to make her an alliance for him. She looks very homely and shy and hence he does not like her. But later he meets her and is surprised by her tom boyish attitude and modern looks and both of them fall in love with each other after some time.

Meanwhile Jagadish witnesses the blast of a city bus in which innocent school kids and people are killed. He manages to capture the guy who placed the bomb and also discovers that on a particular date, a serial blast is going to happen in 12 different spots in Mumbai. He learns that “sleeper cells” were being hired and handled by a mastermind from a remote place. Sleeper cells are people who lie dormant as commoners among citizens and who act when they receive instructions from their masters or handlers. How the hero destroys the villain’s plans and also manages to capture and kill him by risking his own life form the rest of the story.

The script and direction is by A R Murugadas, who shot to fame with Ghajini in Tamil and Hindi. He has dedicated this film to our army men who brave the weather and risk and even sacrifice their lives to guard us from enemies and terrorists. The plot is well designed and moves at a fast pace as an action thriller, though at times, unwanted scenes drag the film now and then. For instance, the character of the senior army officer played by Jayaram is unnecessary. The actor’s potential as a comedian is wasted in a trivial role which only helps in increasing our boredom.

As far as acting is concerned, Vijay is adequate but has not proved anything new or different from his earlier roles in this movie. Of course, the only fact is that there are none of his usual punch dialogues. Kajal lends support as the glamorous heroine and nothing more than that. Sathyan as Vijay’s friend and as the sub inspector, who helps the hero in his battle against the terrorists and villain, provides some comic relief. But his squeaky voice is painful to the ears at times. Vidyut Jamwal as the villain and mastermind has portrayed his character very well. He is the best among the entire lot.

The main drawback in this movie is music by Harris Jayaraj. The songs are all very mediocre and not very impressive. But the re-recording is good and apt to the situations.

Produced by Kalaipuli Dhanu, the film is edited by Sreekar Prasad and cinematography is by Santosh Sivan

Director Murugadas has tried his best to present a movie different from his previous ones and has fairly succeeded. Overall, Thuppakki is an average action thriller and Vijay’s fans will not be disappointed as it is one of his "mass entertainers".