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Thread: An Application which would change the world in functioning better!

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    Thumbs up An Application which would change the world in functioning better!

    In this thriving App world most of them made for teens and other office goers, i think the app world must also contain a part from the government(Politicians) too.
    My idea is to build an app which lets politicians to run their campaign and promote their standings using this app, so that they can make aware the people of their contributions and future promises almost half of the youth population don't vote either due to lack of awareness or find them useless, this app will let you be aware and as well as an reminder for the politicians for the promises as the whole campaign will be recorded in the app and if the politician is interested a section to attend Question and answers too.
    I think this would have a deep impact with present corrupt policies
    And with your help this can become a reality,Nokia is going to make this application real if it get enough likes
    Kindly take the time to give a like here to support this application to become a reality!! all help is appreciated thanks , here's the link

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    I supported your venture. can you provide the follow-up? did you win? i would love to know!

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    I think that this would be exceptional, especially in light of the fact that our local politicians deserve to have a way that they can receive more coverage. An app would definitely wake society up to affairs that concern local government.

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