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Thread: Fan of Test Cricket!

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    Exclamation Fan of Test Cricket!

    I find currently the Twenty Twenty cricket matches drawing much more crowds in stadiums compared to Test Cricket and even One-day International Matches at times.

    While Twenty-Twenty is full of energy, excitement and lots of fun but Test Cricket is real cricket. Your Twenty-Twenty stars will not be remembered as a Cricketer by History if they don't perform well in Test Cricket. And performing in Test Cricket requires not only cricketing skill but also real mental toughness, where your Twenty Twenty stars wilt and break down under immense pressure.

    Sadly people talk about the death of Test Cricket lately. If that happens then CRICKET WILL DIE that day and will be left with skeletons like Twenty-Twenty for those who want only that sort of enjoyment.

    Anyway, I also like some of the IPL matches and the International Twenty-Twenty matches, but it will never replace the intense battle of the India-England Test series or Ashes series. I am a fan of Test Cricket forever!

    What about you?

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    Cricket slowly getting died due to presence of lot of T20 games, new generation does'nt know the reality of T20s they only want entertainment and timepass one the other way organizers and players make much money by this short games. IPL is example for it. it is completely dead game and killing interest of ODIs and Tests.

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    Test cricket will never die. T20 gives an opportunity to get result for every test matches playing now. All players want to show their blasts, but it becomes favor of bowlers. This is a good chance for pacers to show their talents in test cricket.

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