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    A breezy start - a pleasant song, light moments set at the poised background of US assures the audience that Viswaroopam is not what the Tamil audience have experienced before. Pooja Kumar as Nirupama (a nuclear oncologist) marries Vishwanath aka Wiz (a Kathak dance teacher) to settle down in US and thus, pursue her doctorate. However, citing age difference to be a reason and also, falling for Deepak (her boss), Nirupama hires a detective to corner Wiz legally and get divorced. During the sneak-peek game, the detective learns something about Wiz and unfortunately is killed by the head of a sleeper cell in a Meat Warehouse. The diary of the detective proves to be the key in leading the sleeper cell head to our protagonist.

    The sleeper cell head takes hostage of Wiz and Nirupama and reports the same to his commander in chief Omar (played by Rahul Bose). Before Omar comes and meets Wiz, a beautifully choreographed stunt helps Wiz in making an escape from the clutches of the sleeper cell head. The audience is truly stunned with stunt sequence here and the twist is interesting. The scenes now move to the barren lands of Afghanistan (a little more than 10 years ago) to explain the relation between Omar and Wiz. In the lands of Afghanistan Wiz gets introduced as Wizam Ahmed Kashmiri joining the Al-Qaeda to undergo a training. Oooh! Al-Qaeda?! Training 10 years before? Osama?! Master minded terrorist plans? US Army’s rescue operations? Yes. I had the same questions in my mind when the scene shifted here. And Kamal, as a writer and a director, has ensured that his audience gets a treat!

    Well, all the scenes have been portrayed realistically and the first half of the movie ends with an US operation nulling a few bunkers and killing few key aides in the group. While Pooja starts knowing details about Wiz, Wiz changes his appearance in the second half with short hair and trim outlook. The FBI starts chasing Wiz and arrests him. During the interrogation, Wiz goes onto reveal Omar’s plan of destroying the New York City with a dirty bomb (combination of radioactive material and RDX) and his identity. Did the dirty bomb go off? Did Wiz get off from the clutches of FBI? Did Nirupama really know who his husband is and started loving him? The answers to these questions form the second half and the climax of the movie.

    Technically, this is a very strong movie, where Kamal has ensured the audience gets the best from each department – Cinematography, Music, Screenplay, Editing, Sound and Recording, Locations, Art, Stunt, Dance. Sanu Verghese’s cinematography and re-recording definitely needs a highlight, as they prove the movie to be of a world class. Name it and he has definitely given the best compared to his earlier Dasavatharam’s benchmark!

    The cast he has assembled to get the performances is also equally appreciable. Pooja as Nirupama fits into her role. Rahul Bose as the villain has given a wonderful performance. Nazar and Shekar Kapur come in a cameo role and they have proved their presence in the film. And Andrea – sorry I really couldn’t understand the need of her role but may be Kamal has some plans for her role in his sequel! Oops – Yes. That’s how the movie ends. Viswaroopam II coming soon to India.

    And finally, Kamal – be it the Kathak dance teacher having a feminine body language, the dicey portrayal himself on-screen keeping the audience puzzled for some time on who he is, a singer welcoming us with a beautiful rendition to the theater at the start of the movie (within 5 minutes), stunt performer, script – writer, direction – he has done it with perfection.

    Review comments??
    If it has got released through DTH first, Kamal would have got an additional feather in his cap of making the people throng the theaters despite its premier on television…! A film to be watched in theaters.

    And as he warns just before the movie, this is definitely not for weak – hearted individuals!

    Waiting for Viswaroopam II

    - SKAbhi
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    Default Viswaroopam in California

    Good review! Related videos:

    Be Happy. Just Enjoy Your Life!

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    Wonderful review Abhi...May the verdict in the Madras High Court today be favorable to Hassan and his ardent fans like us...

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    Funlover, thanks for sharing those videos. One can understand the adulation of Kamal's fans. But the frenzy could have been lesser so that there was some space for the actors to make their entry. Some better arrangements should have been made for the actors' peaceful entry into the auditorium...

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    Awesome Viswaroopam it is through out the world that is great

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    The wait is going to be longer as the court has adjourned the case till tomorrow...
    Thousands of viewers who have seen the movie all over the world have not found anything objectionable or hurting the sentiments of anyone in any community. These viewers include Muslims. The censor board has also issued a certificate for viewing. Then why raise the issue so loud and prevent the fans from seeing the movie? Kamal wanted to premier the movie in DTH format to curb video piracy. Now even that wish has been broken and the movie has been uploaded as a clean print in many sites...

    Really it is a pity that an artist like Kamal who is so dedicated to and passionate about Cinema has to undergo all these turmoils and face controversies before the release of his movie.

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    Viswaroopam is taking a Real Viswaroopam even before its release in Tamilnadu. It is really a pity that people are refusing to listen to Kamal's explanation. His fans are really disappointed. Now the wait is extended...and Kamal is going to appeal in the Supreme Court tomorrow...

    Hope all his efforts and his fans' patience do not go in vain and that the movie becomes a blockbuster soon...

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    At last the Tamilnadu Government has lifted the ban on the movie after Kamal Haasan agreed to clipping of about seven scenes from the movie to appease the Muslim leaders who raised objection to the movie's screening. But almost all the viewers who had seen the movie say that there is no depiction of the minority in bad light and that editing of any scene is unnecessary...

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