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Thread: OpenX Ad Delivery is terminated

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    Default OpenX Ad Delivery is terminated

    OpenX is the ad serving company. They had free ad server called OnRamp. Digital Bhoomi was using that for many years to serve ads. OnRamp was hacked by some criminals few days ago. OpenX suspended the ad delivery following the security breach. You can see empty spaces in the footer of this page; this happens because of suspended ad delivery.

    Today, OpenX announced that they would terminate OnRamp service. Please see

    We will find another ad serving solution. I am posting this information to let everyone know what is going on in tech world in the last few weeks. Every major site was attacked in the last 2 weeks. It looks like a war out there. If you use online banking, be sure to change your password to really strong one.

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    Which ad serving system is this website using at present or are you just modifying the Vbulletin templates?

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