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    Pranayam, which means “Love” in Malayalam is a Malayalam movie directed by Mr.Blessy. The movie revolves around three characters, Achutha menon (Anupam Kher), Mathewes (Mohanlal) and their wife Grace (Jaya Prada). Yes, you read it right, THEIR wife.

    Achutha menon, an old man from a village, comes to the city, to live with his daughter-in-law and grand daughter, after suffering from a heart attack. His only son Suresh lives abroad. One day, he gets to see his ex-wife Grace in the elevator of the same apartment, and he collapses there, leading to his second heart attack. Grace admits him in hospital immediately and takes care of all his emergency aids.

    In the first 30 minutes itself, it is revealed, that Grace and Achu (that is how she calls him) marries on their own, against their parents. They are blessed with a boy, Suresh. Achu was a good foot ball player and even got a chance to play for the state, which he couldn’t accept due to family circumstances. Later, the couple gets divorced when their son was around 2.5 years old, due to some ego issues and family reasons, which was not given in details in the movie (but with simple dialogues, you will accept it). Achu retained his son with him, while Grace got married to Mathewes for the second time. She has a daughter from her second marriage. Her husband Mathewes got paralyzed for past 5 years and Grace used to tell that her only wish is to die after Mathewes, he needs her help to fulfill even his daily basic needs.

    As I said earlier, all these details are revealed in the first 30 minutes itself. So, what was there for the rest of the movie? The rest of the movie moves in a poetic way, showing how easy Achu takes the situation, though he gets a bit emotional break downs when get to see Grace, how friendly Achu and Mathewes moves with each other and how nice the three of them takes life, even when their family members criticize them badly. Grace’s daughter goes even to the level of calling her mom “Panjali” ( a character in Indian epic Mahabharata, who was said to marry 5 brothers), where as Suresh, Grace’s son from first marriage slams her as the reason for her father’s heart attack and asks her to keep away. Grace understood that Achu had lied to their son, that his mom left him, instead of saying that they got divorced mutually.

    One day, the three sets off for a trip to a beach resort, and suddenly Mathewes got stroke and hospitalized. While staying in hospital with Grace, Achu tells his son in phone, that there was no mistake on his mother and it was the ego behind their divorce. So Suresh speaks to his mom and express his love and eagerness to meet her. Grace feels overwhelmed. Meanwhile Achu express his love on how good to spend at least one day with Grace and his son Suresh as a family. Grace breaks down and the doctor declares her as dead due to cardiac arrest. The final scene shows Achu pushing the wheel chair of Mathewes and they both go to the cemetery of Grace to pay tribute. The movie ends with the note “Pranayam (Love) still continuing...”


    1. There was no thriller or killer scenes, no actions, no suspenses, but the movie will occupy you fully, make you feel the essense and will push you to fall in love with the three main characters.

    2. The superb face and body expressions of Anupam Kher. Cannot believe him, he is a non keralaite and not even a South Indian.

    3. Movie locations and story narrations.


    1. Nothing as such. Just to say, I can tell the lip movements of Anupam Kher. Looked as if he was not pronouncing the words properly. But who cares, he makes up awesomely with his expressions.

    My Opinion

    Recommend to watch this movie, at least once. Generally Indian movies show a man re-marrying after divorce, where as the woman lives in his thoughts. This movie is a change which is presented, pleasantly.

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    That sounds to be a good story. Nice review, Meetu. Anupam Kher is no doubt a veteran who is capable of doing a serious role as well as a comic one. Mohanlal is a super star and of course Jayaprada, the beauty queen who won even the great Satyajit Ray's admiration is a great actor. A nice story revolving around the three good actors would indeed have been a treat to the eyes and ears...

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