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Thread: How to get in a top Business School for MBA

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    1. First one is obvious. Get a really high score in GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test). The average student at the top 10 schools scored 700 or higher on their GMATs. GMAT is required not only for American universities; lots of good universities in India and Europe also respect good GMAT score.

    2. Be patient and Be really really prepared before submitting applications. Spend lot of time in preparing a great application, essays, etc.,

    3. Recommendations can make or break your applications. Do not write the recommendations by your self. Some of your references maybe Lazy and may ask you to prepare the recommendation letter;then they will just sign the recos!! it may seem sexy because you can write glorious recos for yourself But, B-school admission committee can easily spot these "self-recommended letters". Paying some company to prepare your recos is also bad, because again admissions committee can easily spot these recos. Just remember, admissions staff do this for many years. this is their job. they see all kinds of recos on daily basis. Get the recos from the people who worked with you, who reported with you and who really know you.

    4. Ask your friends and well wishers and mentors to review your application.

    5. Choose B-school that is a good fit for you. Do lot of research. If you are interested in marketing, check out all the great B-schools that are reputed in Marketing. See their entry requirements. See if your GMAT and academic score and work experience meet their expectations. If your GMAT is not very high, applying for Harvard like school is waste of time and money. If your GMAT is great and you have good recos, then if you apply for a great university that has lousy Marketing department, you will get in; but your degree may not carry the weight because of poor reputation of this marketing department. Bottom line is -- you need to find a good match for your abilities and aspirations.

    6. Do not procrastinate. Last minute GMAT and application will kill your chances. Plan the time for GMAT, researching all universities, requesting recommendations and writing essays, etc., all of these take months. So, plan in advance. Go get it!!

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    There are number of Top Colleges in India and abroad where you can get admission but for that you will have to appear for CAT (India) and GMAT (abroad) and on the basis of your score in MBA entrance exams ie. CAT, GMAT etc will decide your college. Study MBA in London is one of the best option which you can think of. IIM in India is the best option if you want to pursue your MBA in India.

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