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Thread: Thank you dear son...

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    Smile Thank you dear son...

    I am really really very happy today, now, and am extremely excited. Do you all want to know why?

    Well, I was unable to view, access or log into our dear, dear Forum since 23rd March, 2013. Though I was doing my routine work at home, this thing that I could not log into DB kept bothering me a LOT and I was really feeling very sad and seemed to be missing something very close to my heart.

    Everyday, I tried a number of times to log in or at least view the site. But it seemed to give the message Server Not Found. I complained with the BSNL and after 3 to four days and after I mailed them again, I got the response that they tested at their end and there was no blocking of the site from their server. In the meantime I kept asking many of my contacts and friends if they were able to access. Some replied while others never bothered to.

    I was also constantly in touch with our Admin Ram and he was doing his best to help me through various suggestions and ideas. As a layman, I do not know much about the technical side of the working of a PC. At last, Ram suggested to try Ping DB and I searched info about this Ping as I do not know anything about it. When my son finally found time for me, I asked him to help me. At first he said that Ping could not identify DB and that there is no contact. I felt very sad. Then I found a page where it guided step by step to change the configuration (DNS). All this sounded Greek and Latin when I asked my son to go through it and try. He did it and after five minutes called me. I am at a loss for words to express my feelings when I finally got to see our dear Forum again...Thank you my dear son, for bringing back my lost happiness....

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    Welcome back!! I am happy to see you again in the forum. Many thanks to your son for making this happen.

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    Welcome back Jayashree S Kumar AKA Chellamaa and I am one of those who didn't bother to reply back I guess

    After a long time, now only I got to login to the system and browse to my heart's content ma. I am writing a lot of things in my mind and heart. Need to find time to pen them down in DB.

    Ram, Thank you so much for the message.

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