The Attacks of 26/11 by Ram Gopal Varma is a film based on the Mumbai attacks which happened in 2008 shaking the whole world which watched the minute by minute of the attacks by terrorists on the Taj, the Leopold Cafe, the CTS Station and the Cama Hospital.

The Police Commissioner played by Nana Patekar, narrates the incidents before an inquiry commission. We are all aware of the events which happened, right from the capturing of the boat Kuber by the terrorists, their killing of the boatmen and the entry of the ten youngsters looking like students into Mumbai through the gateway of India, their immediate attacks on the CST Station, Cama Hospital, The Taj Hotel. All these are shown in between the Commissioner's narration. The NSG commandos have to be called in finally and the capture of Ajmal Kasab and his colleague's death while capturing him are shown. The film ends with Kasab being sent to the gallows, but not before a long sermon preached by the Commissioner to him in the mortuary where his 9 comrades' dead bodies lie.

As we all know, the story is not a fiction. It is stranger than fiction, something unimaginable by any sane person. But we know that these things happened.

Now the way the film has been made by Varma: He has tried to instil fear while showing the throat of the boatman being slit, and while the innocent victims lie in pools of blood in the CST. There is tension when the two terrorists go through the rooms and halls of the Cama Hospital and when they escape from the police by killing them and driving away in the police vehicle. But in many places, especially when the commissioner narrates to a stone faced inquiry commission or when he preaches to Kasab in the morgue, the film drags and makes the viewing boring.

Sanjeev Jaiswal plays Kasab, seems a look alike of the terrorist but he is shown as a bloody villain with a rough voice and heinous laughter. But in reality, as seen in the youtube videos, Kasab seems to have a softer voice and speaks like an innocent man. One cannot help comparing the reel and the real.

Though the plot is a strong one, the way the film is scripted and the way the story is told is not very impressive. RGV fails to win our hearts emotionally.

The last word: One wonders why this movie had to be taken at all...