The magic did not work this time for the BJP in the elections held for Delhi as it did in the May 2014 Parliamentary election. (

It is a dismal dismissal for the Congress by Delhiites as they have won none of the seventy seats. Well, they think that people's memories are short lived but it is untrue. The way the voters in Delhi have dismissed them shows that they still remember how many of their problems have not at all been solved in the 15 year rule of the Congress both at the Center as well as in the Union territory of Delhi.

On the other hand, the BJP seemed to have been over confident. The party thought that Modi magic or Modi wave would save them and it was an intense campaign against Aam Aadmi Kejriwal by the Prime Minister and his entire cabinet of ministers in the fag end of the campaigning. Mr. Modi forgot how he came to power. He was a person derided, mocked at, laughed at and criticized by the ruling Congress in the Parliamentary Election, 2014. But he was focused only on his winning the election and met people throughout the country, from Kashmir to Tamilnadu. (See for more on this). This brought him closer to people and he won a massive mandate and defeated the Congress in a huge way. But Mr. Modi forgot all this in his elation over his victory, his overwhelming reception at Madison Square, his meeting with Obama who was the chief guest at the Republic day on 26th January. He made the very same mistake committed by the Congress. His sharp criticisms and name calling of Arvind Kejriwal did not please the voters in any way and they showed their displeasure by giving a sweeping victory to the Aam Aadmi Party. They have won 67 out of the 70 seats while the BJP has a single digit of 3 seats. Now it is going to be a majority party with little or no opposition in the Delhi Assembly.

Mr. Arvind Kejariwal has admitted that his victory is scary and he needs to be more responsible and focused in redressing the people's grievances as promised in his campaigns. The people of Delhi also are eagerly waiting for solution to their daily problems of Electricity, water, corruption, and safety of women on the streets of Delhi. Mr. Kejriwal who cut short his tenure of Chief Ministership by resigning in 49 days has now promised "Panch Saal, Kejriwal"(5 years of rule by Kejriwal).

The Delhi election has proved that people are more interested in good governance, and are fed up of mudslinging politicians who turn a blind eye to welfare measures or solving their problems. Let us wish that this trend grows in all states and more good politicians who are interested in serving the people are elected.

All the best Mr.Kejriwal...