Barfi is a wonderful movie written and directed by Anurag Basu. This is a movie which can be watched with the whole family, indeed a family entertainer.
Cast-The lead actor are Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Illena Dcruz. It also has Rupa Ganguly and Saurab Shukla
The plot- The movie starts with the main character Barfi(Ranbir Kapoor) in the death bed. The story is told by Illena Dcruz(Sruti) in flashback.
Barfi got his name from the poplar radio brand-Murphy, but can’t speak or hear. His mother dies when he was a baby and he is raised by his chauffer father in Darjeeling.
Barfi is jovial fellow, who is loved by one and all. He meets Shruti(Illena Dcuz) and is smitten by her. He proposes her and knows that she is going to be married in three months to her college sweetheart. Their friendship blossoms and slowly Shruti also falls for his boyish charm. But her mother( Rupa Ganguly) persuades her to marry the rich and normal man of Kolkata instead of the poor and disable Barfi . Shruti follows her mother’s advice and moves to Kolakata after marrying Mr. Sengupta.
Barfi’s Father is ill and he needs money for his treatment. He tries to rob a bank but is unsuccessful. He decide to kidnap is childhood autistic friend Jhilmil Chatterjee(Priyanka Chopra). But when he reaches her home, he finds that Jhilmil is already kidnapped. He is chased by the police and while running from them he notices a van with Jhilmil in it. He gets into the van and takes Jhilmil away from the clutches of the kidnaper. He takes Jhilmil to his house and collects the ransom. But when he reaches the hospital for the payment, his father dies. He decides to take Jhilmil to her place but Jhilmil refuses to part and they move to Kolkata where Barfi takes her care.
After some years Shruti and Barfi meet by chance. Shruti is not happy with her marriage and is very happy when she meets Barfi after so many years. All of them have a good time. Now Jhilmil is jealous of the beautiful Shruti and suddenly goes missing. Shruti goes to the police station and files a missing person report. Darjeeling Police now knows about the report and resume their pursuit of Barfi. They put him behind bars and interrogate about Jhilmil. There is another demand of ransom and it is learnt that Jhilmil is killed, but her body is never recovered.
Policeman Sudhansu Dutta gives Barfi a second chance and tells Shruti to take him away. Shruti is happy that now she can live with Barfi as Jhilmil is not there anymore. But Barfi misses Jhilmil and desperately searches for her. He remembers that Jhilmil used to write a number and he finds out that the number was the phone number of Jhilmil’s childhood home. He takes Shruti to find Jhilmil in that home. They found that Jhilmil is alive and the kidnapping was done by Jhilmil’s father to embezzle money fom the trust. Jhilmil and Barfi get married.
After many years Barfi is shown hospitalized, bedridden and close to death. Jhilmil also joins him in the bed and both of them die together peacefully. Jhilmil concludes the story saying that both of them died together as they never wanted to leave each other behind be it life or death.
Perfomances:- All the actors of the film have done their part well. Ranbir Kapoor has shown what a versatile actor he is. He has portrayed the role of Barfi brilliantly. Priyanka, Illena and Rupa Ganguly and Saurab Shukla have done their part convincingly.
The music of Pritam is also awesome, especially Iti si hasi, iti si khusi…. and Ala barfi….
Some people say that some of the scenes are copied from old movies; still it is a movie worth watching because of the wonderful performance of the cast and the crew.