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Thread: Lenovo Tablet - IdeaTab A2107

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    Default Lenovo Tablet - IdeaTab A2107

    Office depot still has good deal on this. grab it before too late!

    I bought this tablet few weeks ago to replace aging kindle. Its light weight. it has 7" screen. With sunlight, it's not as crisp as kindle, but I have the color screen compared to black/white kindle screen. so, pretty happy with that

    it has dual camera. pretty easy for skype or google hangout to chat with my family in India.

    battery life is good. comes for about 10 hours with one full charge.

    audio is very rich. I love to hear ilayaraja songs in this.

    it has wifi obviously. it also has bluetooth. if you have bluetooth keyboard, pretty easy to plug and play.

    I installed google keyboard and it helps me a lot with all that typing. just love it.

    as always, there are couple of cons: it comes with junk apps that you cant uninstall. this is really irritating. I got norton security pre-loaded and came with one month trial. Now, I cant remove this even after trial ended. Not fair Lenovo folks!!

    Overall, I love this tablet. See the product tour at
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    This tablet is ok but beware that this comes with lot of junk apps which take SO MUCH SPACE and memory. Lenovo is so greedy. all these junk apps make the tablet unusable. if you have choice, do not buy this.

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