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Thread: To tip or not to tip...Gas Woes...

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    Exclamation To tip or not to tip...Gas Woes...

    No one can deny the fact that there has been a constant increase in the price of the gas cylinder we use in our kitchens. The price rise is steep especially in recent times and to add to the woes of the consumers, the Government has restricted the number of cylinders at subsidized rates (around Rs399 in Chennai) to nine in a Financial Year. If one crosses this number, he will be charged around Rs900. Another hitch is : If we book our cylinder in the last month of the Financial year (March), and if the agency delivers it in April, this cylinder will be classified as the first cylinder of the next Financial Year, thereby making us lose our previous year’s quota and also lessen the number to 8 in the next financial year.

    Another problem faced by every homemaker is the demand of the exorbitant amount asked by the delivery boys as tips over and above the ever increasing cost price of the cylinder. They demand from 30 rupees to anywhere up to 50 rupees. Most of us give in though we do not like to as we are afraid that the delivery may be delayed purposely. But here is some good news for all consumers. According to documents obtained through Right to Information (RTI) Act by Mr. S. Easwaran, an RTI activist, the amount mentioned in the Bill is inclusive of an amount paid to the delivery man. Mr. Easwaran says that an amount of Rs35 is already paid to the delivery boy and this is included in the Bill. We are not aware of this and we pay an additional amount of Rs50 to even Rs100 to the boys. He says that the delivery boy “has no business to collect any money other than that mentioned in the Bill.” Mr. Easwaran launched a campaign against this unethical practice in Tiruppur. He says that a delivery boy earns about Rs2500 per day @Rs50 for 50 cylinders he delivers. Apart from this he gets Rs35 per cylinder from the agency as well . Thus he earns from anywhere between Rs50000 to 1 lakh by delivering the gas cylinders.

    The cost of a subsidized cylinder is only Rs400, but the actual price paid by the customers, ranges from Rs450 to Rs500 depending on the area in Chennai. Mr. Easwaran wants to spread an awareness regarding this issue among all consumers.. He says that one should ensure that the amount is also included in the Bill before obliging the delivery boy to pay the extra demand. If he refuses, we can complain to the agency. If that does not work, one can complain to the Divisional office of the petroleum company, which could result in termination of the contract with the agency.

    Mr. Easwaran further enlightens us that for a new connection, we need to pay ONLY Rs1450 as deposit for a cylinder, Rs150 for a regulator, Rs399.50 for a refill in addition to Rs50 for installation and Rs35 for gas booking. But some agencies demand Rs5000 to Rs5500 while the entire cost is not more than Rs2000. Similarly, even a second gas connection should not cost more than Rs1850 but many of us pay even Rs7500 to Rs8500 in the city as we are not fully aware of the rules and regulations.

    Let us all create awareness among all consumers by sharing the information we have learnt from Mr. Easwaran and stop from being cheated by the gas agencies and the delivery boys.

    Source: The New Indian Express dated 29th August, 2013.

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    all these workers always have some excuse about why they demand more tips and bribes in some cases. they always try to justify their actions. this may never stop until higher officials sincerely step in
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