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    Default Thanga Meenkal - Tamil Movie Review

    Thanga Meenkal (literally means Golden Fishes), is a movie about a Father - daughter relationship.

    Kalyani (Ram, director of this movie) is father of Chellama and he loves her more than anyone, anything in this world. He goes to any extreme to fulfill his daughter's wishes. Chellama is termed as a bit "stupid" girl by her teachers as well as relatives. But Kalyani hates hearing any such comments.

    Once Kalyani gets into an argument with Chellama's teacher for her negligence, which ends in a fight with his own father behaving bad in the school. This incident forces Kalyani to quit home and go to Cochin and work as a security guard. That time Chellama requests for a "Vodafone" dog, Pug. When Kalyani learns that the cost of Pug is around Rs.25,000 he tries hard to earn that money, even going to the level of stealing a laptop.

    The movie keeps going with so much such incidents to show the love between the father and daughter and finally ends saying that the girl was treated bad in the school and not cared properly and that is the reason for her to be like a stupid and the end scene shows her doing good in a government school, after she joins with her favorite teacher Evita (played by Padmapriya as a guest role) who worked previously in her school and moved later to this school after her marriage.

    The movie looked promising and different in the beginning, but later it looked like stretching and dragging, even to the extreme that I felt that it started testing my patience. The film started like a new "Rubber" band, strong and chic, but ended like a fully stretched band, which loosely hanged and turned useless.

    The theme started with father - daughter relationship, but ended with a note saying "Thanks to the teachers who care their students". It was a nice topic, but filmed in a boring and confusing way.

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    Thanks for the review. I have been planning to watch this movie for a while. But now I have changed my decision. I will do better things in that time rather than watching this movie.

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