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Thread: See YouTube videos offline on UC Browser

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    Default See YouTube videos offline on UC Browser

    We have all suffered from a problem- Video buffering. Once you lose the connection, the entire thing has to be done again. This also happens when there is a poor mobile signal.
    There’s a simple solution to this problem- stop relying on mobile connections. There’s a mobile browser called UC Browser, and most of its versions come with a function called Watch Offline ( for Android phone, you can find a plugin called Video Downloader in UC Browser’s add-on panel to get the same effect ), which simply allows you to save an online video to your phone. When you hit play a video on a video site, you will get the option to Watch Offline. Choose that and the video will download to your phone.
    The best thing about it is that this function is really helpful when you have to travel a lot. Videos can be downloaded at home on Wi-Fi, or at work.

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    I tried this. There is no way I could download movies for offline view. I have android. what I am missing?
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    Default Uc browser off line video

    Can you tell we have to download video than we can watch??
    if we have have to download video first than what is the benefit of it..?

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