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Thread: Gmail VS Yahoo mail

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    Question Gmail VS Yahoo mail

    I use both emails. if you compare both these, gmail win in all aspects. Yahoo mail is going down every few months in the sense of reliability. recent outages make it even worse. Gmail is neat, simple to use and has tons of features if you are power user. Yahoo is junk. Gmail is far far better. what do you guys think?

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    Gmail. Yahoo tries to survive every now and then by introducing some little changes in their mailing system.
    Though what I hate is their layout, how painfully SLOW the login process is and having to see "failed to send" error message despite doing everything correctly.

    But, I found out a solution for bad layout atleast.
    It is quite simple, you use their mobile version of website.
    Just type
    and access your email and other stuff from there. It loads fast, quite handy and light on browser.
    That was sarcastic, I know, but currently that is what you can do with it if you are stuck.
    Alternatively, you can create on Gmail account(or use if you have an existing one) and set your yahoo email account to forward all upcoming emails to your gmail account.
    And I guess you can even use that yahoo account for sending emails via gmail or ThuderBird.

    Personally, I prefer ThunderBird.

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    If you have your own domain name, it is better to buy email hosting, the information will remain confidential.

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    I use both, Gmail and Yahoo... but mostly am with Gmail only because it has excellent features and facilities. Yahoo mail is just for personal use only.

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