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    This thread is to encourage all DBians (members) to write whenever they log into Digital Bhoomi. It is five years and ten months today since I joined our Forum on Feb 25th 2008. I feel happy that I have written 2300 posts till now. Out of these, 382 are threads started by me. I have not only won the monthly contests several times but also gained the friendship of a few members who are regularly in touch with me.

    Friends, you too can win in our Forum by writing regularly, at least a couple of threads in a day. Keep writing and enjoy your stay in our Forum as much as I do...

    Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...2014...

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    Hurray!!!!!!!! and this is my post number 1000. Rock and Roll. If a lazy (actually double lazy) person like me can achieve 1000, it is going to be a cake walk for anyone who loves to write

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    Congratulations Meetu!! I know how much time you manage to grab in between your busy chores at home to write in our Forum. But whenever you write, your threads and posts are meaningful and also informative. Thank you.

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