The most common term used in the “Apple” world A.K.A. iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, iPod world is “iCloud”. So, most of you might be knowing it, and lot may be using it already. Now let it be my turn to explain it in my own style.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a storage and computing service. From the word storage, you can understand that it helps in storing and what do we generally store in these devices? Data, photos, videos, music, etc… This type of storing facility is provided almost by all devices in the technology field. So, what is the speciality about this iCloud?

Let me put a question. Let us say, you have a photo in your phone / mobile. How many can see that or access that? It could be only you, unless you manually take the effort to send it to every individual you wish to share. Also, if you want to store a photo in your laptop, which was taken in your mobile you need to download it to your laptop manually, by connecting your mobile to the laptop. But iCloud makes it simple for you. When you have this iCloud service enabled in your devices like iPhone, you can simply store the data / photo there, and the same can be accessed in all other devices like your Macbook or iPad. There by it makes sharing also too simple to do.

To put it in a layman word, let us say, you have a beautiful painting and you keep it in your table drawer. Then you can only see that painting and that too only when you open that drawer. It cannot be seen anywhere else or by anyone else. But instead if you keep this painting in the middle of your living room, then you can see this painting from anywhere of your living room, may it be from the couch or may it be from the window. By saying so, will this make it like a “Public” show? Do those data and photo can be viewed by anyone who has iPhone or iPad or Macbook? Don’t panic, it won’t be public and it is still your own property. It can be viewed only by people whom you chose to share with, just like the people whom you allow into your living room to view the painting.

How does it work?

iCloud is a service and you need to register your iPhone and all other devices you wish under your name / id to have access to this service. By doing so, only those devices that are registered under one userid get interconnected and not all the devices of this world. Just like, the painting can be seen by those who have access to that living room and not by any random passers on the street.

iPhone - iCloud - Find My iPhone Feature

Apart from these storing, iCloud helps you in tracking your devices. Are you a kind of person, who has wandering memory and keep searching for your iPhone? Then iCloud comes for your rescue. The devices you have registered under this service can be tracked easily and it will let you know the location. Now even the option of turning the device mode into “Lost” is enabled, which will make the finder to call the owner (in any other registered device), without unlocking the iPhone he lost. Cool. This feature is called as “Find My iPhone"

iPhone - iCloud - Find My Friends Feature

It also has another interesting feature called “Find My Friends”. If your friend has iPhone and if he has enabled the “Location Sharing” option, then you can track them. So, if you sitting in a cafe, with this “Find My Friends” feature, you can see all your friends around this cafe, if they have enabled this feature.

Beware. Your Boss could be there tracking you, and now you need to run for a reason to make up your absence in work. Have a good day.