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Thread: Think many times before applying to AOL

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    Angry Think many times before applying to AOL

    AOL (America online company) CEO Tim Armstrong is a headstrong guy. Some time ago, he fired an employee in obscene way in front of lot of others. last week, he blamed on distressed babies as the reason to cut health benefits. see and

    these articles would touch upon any respectful woman ... or any respectful human being.

    now, this guy apologized -- probably because of public outrage. the apology may not be genuine.

    whatever it is.. this guy proved one thing. Most, if not all, companies treat employees as numbers. no one really cares the human side of employees. many CEOs put up a good acting. Tim Armstrong did not know much about that acting.

    what do you think?
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    agreed. 100%. most CEOs dont care. thats why you should not lend your brain to others. use it for yourself :-)

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