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Thread: TCS - a review by longtime insider

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    Thumbs up TCS - a review by longtime insider

    I do not work for TCS anymore. quit years ago. When I quit, I was under impresion TCS was bad. well, what do you know.. other companies are worser than TCS

    In that aspect, in hindsight, looks like TCS is a better company to work for. however.. ok, this is a big however, it all depends on the project you get and the boss you get. if you get a boss who is total asshole, then your career comes to halt. if you dont belong to certain class or caste your boss belongs to, then also it's a problem. if you are lucky to overcomes these things, then you are golden

    TCS provides variety of opportunities. there are so many projects coming in all the time. you get a chance to learn. Pay is good compared to others in India. Overall, it's a good company. caveat... if you get a lousy boss, switch to diff dept. its possible in most cases, all it takes to send a "note" to HR.

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    According to my career records, TCS is the only company I worked first and last. Well, I worked for more than 6 projects and reported to 3 managers. Frankly, never had any problems, though I didn't belong to their community or state.

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