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Thread: Digital Bhoo "mi" and me...

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    Thumbs up Digital Bhoo "mi" and me...

    Tomorrow I shall be stepping into the seventh year of my association with Digital Bhoomi. Yes, it is 6 years since I joined Digital Bhoomi on the 25th February, 2008.

    I find immense pleasure whenever I write in DB, and whenever I share my views and experiences in the Forum. I take this opportunity to thank our dear Forum, the Admin and his team and last but not the least, my fellow DBians who make the discussions interesting with their views and posts...

    I look forward to my participation in livelier discussions and interesting threads in Digital Bhoomi with all the members of DB in the coming days...

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    oh! really then it might be good experience for you thru this site for sharing views ...any how congrats and iam too looking forward for ur posts

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