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Thread: I want to be a NAVY SEAL!

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    Lightbulb I want to be a NAVY SEAL!

    All right... I get so many ideas/wishes every week. most of them are bubble wish. today, I got the wish to become NAVY SEAL. I love hitting gym whenever i can, i always admired SEAL folks. it's amazing what they do and how they do.

    so, i did some research on what is required to become SEAL. First, you need to pass physical screening test. The test consists of the following:

    Swim 500 yard breast or side stroke 12:30 9:00
    Push-ups 50 90
    Curl-ups 50 85
    Pull-ups 10 18
    Run 1.5 miles 10:30 09:30

    as i was going thru the list, i started thinking.. ok.. swimming 500 yard in less than 12:30 minutes. wow.. probably I can do that! I just need little more training..

    Pushups 50.. that's not a big deal. should be done in 2 minutes. Hmm.. I am not sure.

    Curl-ups 50.. I am vague about what is curl-ups. had to research on it.

    the video show what curl-up is. ok, i have been doing that for long. that wont be a big problem. but, 50? may be.. again.. i need just little more training.

    Pull-ups 10. That seems to be possible.

    Run 1.5 miles under 10:30. OK... can I do that? I run at 6 miles per hour in treadmill, but not for long. I run for less than 10 minutes. I made a mental note of checking this possibility when I hit the gym.

    All the above requirements (source: seem to work. some of it are challenging. but, I think I can do it. My wife may probably throw me out if I talk about joining navy and go for fight and those kind of things. but, i am in midlife crisis I want something to motivate me to excel. SEAL seems to be a better choice.

    then, I checked further. listed more requirements. first requirement is... 18-28 years old. wow.. really.. I am not 28 any more.

    at this point, I was little disappointed. I also felt "ok.. it is not bad.. then, I dont need to pursue this route". was it a relief . I dont know.
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    OK very clear that you need a break. Shut your system, book tickets, take your family and go for a vacation. Tadaaaaaa you will feel fresh and better.

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