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Thread: Stop your cheap methods to make money, Medias

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    Default Stop your cheap methods to make money, Medias

    MH-370, the term that fetches more attention all over the world, and the word that gets more click in internet. Most of us search this term, with a prayer and eagerness to hear some good news about this ill fated flight and the poor passengers gone missing. But there remains some insane people, who try to make money out of everything. They literally try to squeeze and pocket it out of someone's pain.

    All over internet, people started using the word MH-370, even without reasons and started tagging it even in irrelevant posts. Fine, they want some bucks and need to do it quickly, as they were taught to "make hay while the sun shines".

    But medias gone to some extremes, to raise their viewers count and their ratings. One top channel, kept showing the screams and cries of the relatives, and more horribly, the reporters trying to ask questions to the grief struck loved ones. They want them to describe about the missing person, their nature, their life, what not. Literally, they want to rip them and cause more pain, publicly. Videos show how they ran behind every single person identified as the relative of any of the missing passenger, they show the close up of the screaming mothers and went on explaining "It was her only son. China has one child policy, and this tragedy turned many parents childless". Yes it is true and their pain and loss (yet to confirm, but always with hope) is heart wrenching, but is this the time to discuss this topic? Instead why not tell people what the govt is doing, what the ships and search flights doing.

    People in social media like FaceBook gone too mad, that even popular maginzes are putting some random pictures, claiming "This is the pic of the 2 year old baby who was in the seat 162, in Malaysian flight MH-370". Seriously? So the crying relatives gave you a pic to publish in your shi**y magazine? I don't need a super power to tell that you just downloaded a picture from internet and put in your page. How cruel these people are. Many jokes are getting forwarded about the missing flight. Only monsters in disguise can do that job of joking. Wonder whether they will do the same, if one of the passengers was their family member. May GOD bless them with some sanity.

    With prayers and hope.....

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    Mythili, I feel there is something fishy going on over this entire episode of the missing Malaysian jet. Either the Malaysian government is withholding some vital information due to security reasons or they might be directly linked to the missing of the plane, like extracting millions from the insurers of the aircraft. This could be a sinister plot using the veil of aid to find the missing flight claiming innocent lives. Who knows?

    From the beginning of the mystery, the one serious question which came up on my mind was that why should be there an on-off switch in the transponder which gives entire details of the plane like its speed, altitude and location. It should be automatically locked, once the plane take off and switch off itself when it lands. There should be some way to control the plane from the ground and not entirely under the control of the pilot. Today, when the world has the most advanced technology, and the missing flight is a high-tech Boeing 777 which is considered as one of the topmost flight in safety and security in the entire world, these simple doubts arised by the common people should not be overlooked by the Aviation securities and professionals.

    Third week into the search, and the search coordinators have raised a hope that those on board might still be alive!! The effect of these words on the relatives, most of whom are still waiting in the hotels, is painful to imagine. In these past few days, they have been subjected to traumatic emotions swinging like a pendulum from despair to hope and back to despair when each bit of news emerges. The media have fed us glimpses of these relatives; photos of faces puffed with crying and broken hearts, a mother becoming hysterical, occasional interviews with parents trying to cling to shreds of hope. The fascination of the media is to bring their grief in public view and to know how they will react and cope with the outcomes, rather than showing concern. Here we are witnessing the unpleasant scenario of relatives becoming victims themselves.

    Similarly denying information leaves them prey to anxiety which leads to a painful spectacle. Now I really feel that a rescue mission for the relatives from the prying media is as urgent as for those on board the flight. What a merciless world!!!

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