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    Smile Non-Stop Movie

    Liam Neeson is amazing even at this age. 61? can't believe it

    Liam is air marshal for flight going from New york to London. The flight is hijacked, but only Liam knows about it at least initially. He gets series of text messages that threaten him about murder of passengers every 20 minutes. Oh boy.. those initial scenes were thrilling.

    Story revolves around how Liam defeat the bad guys. In a twist, Liam was portrayed as villain by other passengers. that add more confusion. overall, the movie was taken well, but the script is crappy.

    There is no strong reason or motivation for hijackers. I agree the plot is interesting as long as you dont find the hijackers who are two of the passengers. but, the reason for their action was total nonsense. it does not make any sense at all. For that reason, I think this movie wasted my time. Liam Neeson's action compensated for some of the flaws... thankfully.

    Cinematography and editing were excellent. during climax I felt like I was in a falling plane. It was scary! If someone is little afraid of flying, that person will NEVER ever board a plane after seeing this movie

    If you are not a fan of Liam Neeson, do not bother watching this movie. If you are a fan, go watch it!
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    Hollywood movies are best for cinematography and action , and next liam he is best known for his stunts as we all know

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    I have started to like Liam's movies after watching Taken series. I am waiting for a good print of Non Stop movie. When it becomes available in internet, I will download and watch this movie.

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