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Thread: Shaolin (2011) - English and Mandarin Movie

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    Thumbs up Shaolin (2011) - English and Mandarin Movie

    It's one of the good chinese movies I saw, after Couching tiger Hidden Dragon movie. The plot happens in early china period where warlords occupy cities. Warlord named Hou Jie kills his enemy in shaolin temple and steal his treasure. He was tricked and couped out by his own brother Cao Man. (btw, that is the full name of the person)

    In sequence of events, Hou Jie was kicked out of his kingdom and seek refuge in shaolin temple which he ridiculed earlier. Hou Jie turns into buddhist monk and preach to remove hatred.

    Cao Man comes back to kill Hou Jie. Story goes to show how Hou Jie defeats Cao Man by purity in heart and kindness.

    The movie is good to watch if you are a fan of martial arts. Director Benny Chan did a great job. in my view, the main hero of the movie is music director Nicolas Errèra. Nicolas is amazing. he compose the background score just like the way Ilayaraja does in India. Original score , very mesmerizing. even in stunt sequences, you can hear the outstanding music!!! Jackie chan comes as temple cook. He is hilarious with his stunt sequences. good to see him after some time :-)

    Kudos to entire team, specially music composer, director and stunt director. the movie has very pretty actress named Fan Bingbing. If you dont like martial arts, you can still watch the movie for her just kidding guys.
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    really I don't watch movies , but I read ur post and gave a look at it , its really good and interesting ,I like the music the most

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