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    As a Chennaite, I have voted for the Parliamentary Elections, have you?

    This season, though there is active and vociferous participation of the contenders, the voters seem to be disinterested and less involved. There seems to be a decrease in the pattern of voting in Mumbai and even in Tamilnadu. Many voters feel that the issues like corruption, economic stability, price rise, inflation, poor governance are all never going to be taken care of by anyone who comes to power. Politicians keep advising us, the citizens, that voting is our duty and we should abide by it. But they never think about their duties towards the electorate nor bother to keep up their promises after coming to power---this is how a voter who fails to vote thinks.

    We should make use of our voting right instead of wasting it. This time there is also NOTA button (None of the above) to show your disapproval of all the contestants. Earlier, we had to use a form and there was no secrecy when you voted for none. But now your NOTA vote is also a secret and no one will no whom you have voted for.

    All these days, when the mikes were blaring, people had to face great difficulties while traveling to and from their work places. The processions of the leaders during their campaigns hindered the free movement of the common man on road. Live telecasts of these campaigns and meetings were shown on the television. It was pathetic to see men, women and children waiting in the scorching sun (as these were held in open grounds) for hours together, sitting huddled unable to leave the place even if they wanted to, then cheering when their leaders appeared. All these only to listen and clap when the leaders spoke for about 30 minutes or so. Certainly one feels that all these people were "brought" by the party workers by luring them with some "goodies" in the form of cash, food, transportation etc. Otherwise no one will come and undergo such torture under the sun in this peak summer.

    It would be very good IF (and it is a BIG IF) only the politicians telecast or broadcast their speeches and promises through televisions and radios and people can also read about them in the newspapers and magazines. This will benefit all of us - the voters as well as the political parties - in many ways.

    1. Wastage of electricity to illuminate the paths traveled by the politicians can be avoided.

    2. Money spent on decorating the dais, building arches and keeping cut outs of the leaders, petrol for the cars and vehicles they travel, can be utilized for the welfare of the voters and their constituencies by laying good roads, providing proper water supply, electricity and the like.

    3. The common man will be able to travel on road without having to wait for hours together when the campaigners pass by. Many people had to wait in the transport buses for hours together as they could move only inch by inch. Some even preferred to get down and walk their way to their destinations.

    4. The blaring of the mikes will not be there and students can study peacefully while elders, infants and patients can be at peace and sleep or take rest peacefully.

    5. Bickering among party workers, violence, protests among rival parties will all be not there.

    Many projects are inaugurated by the present Chief Minister of Tamilnadu through video conferencing. This cuts down sizable expenditure to the exchequer and decreases the hindrance to people's movement on roads. So why not the political leaders think of such better ways to campaign without creating a nuisance to the commoners?

    Let us hope that at least in future, when youngsters take over the reins from the 90 plus and 80 plus politicians, they will think of good governance, and better ways to reach out to the people without making them suffer...

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    it is a matter of pride to take part in election process and understand one's responsibility in the democracy.
    I too voted , for bringing a change. Its high time to realise that small can make a difference. Big promises and hefty expenses on campaigning doesnt mean that what is said would be done.
    Citizens of our country are becoming more mature now, they know whom to trust.
    Still more awareness required , so that we can self analyse the credentials of politicians and then cast our valuable vote for them, and not for the sake of few bucks , a bottle of liquour or any such kind of temptations.

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    Its high time to realise that small can make a difference.
    Absolutely Jo, what you say is correct. If the majority has a don't care attitude and say that my one vote is not going to matter, they should also not whine about things which affect them daily or about ill governance etc.

    This time the financial capital Mumbai failed miserably. Even big Bollywood stars found some excuse or the other for their inability to vote.

    Senior citizens made the news as they showed up in great numbers in many places. 73% voted in Tamilnadu. A 102 year grand lady made news by casting her vote in Tamilnadu. She has been voting since 1952 and has seen leaders from Nehru to Indira Gandhi till Rahul to Modi.

    Some funny news: A man was forced to wear his wife's nighty in Aravakurichi in Karur Dt. as he had DMK logos on his dhoti. (you can see his picture and more such peculiar news in the link below)

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    good post!!! as far iam concerned iam not going to vote any one this year , i will select the reject button ...its my decision ....

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