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Thread: Earn money by spending just 15 minutes per day

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    Hi, Here I’m going to say a one of a best method that you can earn income from home spending just 15 minutes per day. If we try this method correctly, I can assure that this is good source of income
    First you are warmly welcome for this lesson…
    This is very simple case. What you need to do is watching all advertisements. You should spend maximum only 60 seconds for one advertisement.
    Before talking about how to register for this income source, I would like to discuss how much you can earn from this. When you register on this site at first time, you will be considered as a standard member. As a standard member you can earn as follows.
    Guaranteed Fixed Ads = 4 X $0.01= $0.04
    Daily ads and extra ads =10 X $0.001 =0.01
    So you can earn at least at least $0.05 by clicking advertisements by your own. Just after seeing this new members definitely think I am really stupid because it’s very very small amount. So now I am going to say how you can earn more and more money from this.
    For increasing daily income we want something called referrals. A referral is someone who works for you. There is two types of referrals.

    1.Direct Referrals: - members registering under you by using your referral link.
    If you are a standard member you can keep maximum 100 direct referrals.
    If one referral clicks 4 fixed advertisements per day your daily income is
    $0.0005 X 4 X 100=0.2$
    2.Rented Referrals: - Members you hire by paying money.
    As a standard member you can keep maximum 200 referrals.
    If one referral clicks 4 fixed advertisements per day you daily income is
    $0.005 X 4 X 200 = $4
    We must reduce cost for referrals per day to calculate the actual profit
    $4 – ($0.0066 X 200) = $2.666 (for 200 referrals) (This may be change according to no of advertisements clicking by referral.)
    So you can earn maximum $ 80 actual profit per month by rented referrals as a standard member. This amount may be lower than $80 according to referral clicks.
    You don’t want to make any initial investment for renting referrals. You can buy rented referral packs using money you earn from your own clicks.
    As an example, first you can buy 3 referrals after clicking advertisement for 12 days. So gradually you can increase your income by renting more referrals. Then you will be able to complete 200 referrals within 4 months. If you can invest at least $5 as initial investment this journey will be speed. After completing 200 referrals you can upgrade your membership to golden and start earn minimum $200 per month.
    It’s important to keep in mind you must at least 4 fixed advertisements (Orange color advertisements) per day for crediting from your referrals.
    How to make direct referrals
    For this you should promote this website by your referral link. When you go in to banners tab you can see your banners for promote the site with your referral link. Following methods can be used to promote your link to get direct referrals.
    1.Promote your referral link using social networks (Facebook, Twitter….) (I am actually doing this)
    2.Promote your referral link using forums (there are more free forums available. Just search on Google for find free forums)
    3.You can advertise your referral link on another Bux sites.
    4.Create a Website and promote your banner.
    How to register
    1.Just click on the following link
    2.Please give your email address in registering.
    3.Please use exact password (Use different password for emails and this site)
    4.If you don’t have payment processor you need to create it. PayPal is the most famous payment processor. If PayPal isn’t supported your country , please create Payza or Neteller account
    5.Then give email of your payment processor in registering
    6.After registration is completed then go to the “view advertisement” page.
    7.Click all advertisements. Keep in mind to click at least 4 fixed advertisements
    8.Try to read terms of service and FAQ pages to understand more about this website

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    i think this is not a best way to earn online money, you say click on advertising 60s and earn money, i have try many site but noting get.

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    Default can make a lot of money up-to $20 per day from this type of program but you need to have 5000-9000 referral under you to make money from referrals clicks. is working for may people.I have seen many of those..

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    Better to stay away from ptc sites as they run for few days and shutdown.

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