Hey guys
I, being one of those people who love to chat throughout the day and stay connected to my friends, I have created a list of the best android chat apps that you may have used or may want to use.
1. Whatsapp: this app being the best in sharing pics, audio, video with friends the only drawback being you can use the free services only for a year and on completion you will have to pay a premium fee to get access to the same.
2. Photo4tune: I love this app because it gives me all the features that whatsapp provides plus it's a free to use chat app. Here's the link from where you can download: Photo4tune

Then there are the others like: Line, SnapChat, WeChat, Hike and the likes but the best two I have mentioned before. Please comment your reviews about the chat apps and which ones you think is the best among all of them!