This movie's starting sequence is AWESOME!! Director did an amazing job. Editor too. Watch the movie from the very first scene.

Narrating this kind of screenplay is difficult, however the director nikil adwani (also wrote screenplay) did an excellent job. The film revolves around dawood ibrahmi, mastermind of bombay blasts in 1993. screenplay changed the villain name to iqbal for political correctness. How Indian operatives bring iqbal back to India for justice is the story. I dont want to give any spoiler, if you get a chance to watch this movie, please do so. you will be happy you did.

Irfan khan, arjun rampal and huma quershi did an amazing job. huma is pretty and sexy New comer shriswara did a good acting as well. She speaks with her eyes without saying a word!

Ok... almost forgot.. Rishi Kapoor!!! the heartthrob of 1980s!!! he acts as villain in the movie. Rishi kapoor cracked the role..

Overall, it's a great action thriller movie. If you like hindi action movies, it's a must watch.