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Thread: Hangover - Part 2 - Review

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    Thumbs down Hangover - Part 2 - Review

    I loved hangover part 1. loved it so much actually. but part 2 is not even close. first, the bangkok they shot in is ugly. second, there are lots of stupid obscene scenes in the movie. you should not take your family to this movie.

    the movie plot is also kinda weird. the dentist guy is getting married in an island near Bangkok. he reluctantly invites all his friends for the marriage. day before the marriage, crazy friend Alan (Zach Galifia...) does another stupid thing and mix drug with pepsi (or coke?) to the friends. the movie has lot of dark humor which is not my taste. I find it annoying. these idiots even kidnap a buddhist monk. oh god...

    Dentist stu gets screwed by eunuch. His fiancee's brother lose a finger. Alan & co damage few shops in bangkok downtown and gets beaten by russian gangsters. on the flow, these guys kill a monkey that chews human body parts. disgusting, isnt it? that's what i felt when I came out the theatre.
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    I agree with you. Comparing with Hangover Part I, Part II is not up to the mark. But still it can be watched one time.
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