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Thread: Backpacking in East India

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    Question Backpacking in East India

    Dear DBians,

    I'm planning a backpacking trip across seven sisters. Any suggestions on which place I should plan to visit. I'm currently at Bhubaneswar and plan to travel by train. Also, is it safe for female travelers?

    Planned time of trip - first week of Oct.

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    I have not traveled much in north. I found the similar discussion in Quora, see it could help you. never heard about "seven sisters". thanks for making me learn one more thing today! I would be wary about going to mizoram alone. wish you good trip!

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    Hi Manisha...Though I do not have much knowledge on the topic you have asked, I thought that the following two links might be of use to you:

    Just think twice before visiting places of violence (Maoists etc) and also learn about the weather conditions. Take care...All the best.

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