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    The Joy of Giving Week begins on the 2nd of October and is celebrated till the 8th of October. I thought of sharing this little story with you all to highlight the joy of giving.

    Once a Saint asked his disciple to distribute a packet of dates among his followers. The disciple asked whether he should distribute as the Saint would do or as God would. The Saint said, "Do it as I would". The disciple gave two dates to each person and everyone received an equal number of dates.

    The next day when the disciple was asked again to give away the dates, the disciple asked the same question. This time the Saint asked him to distribute like God would. Now the disciple picked a handful of dates and gave them to one person. Again he kept taking at random the dates and distributed among the followers. Some got a lot more dates than the others and some got very few dates. A few got one or two dates while a few more received none. The followers began complaining to the Saint about not receiving or receiving very less than the others. The Saint then said, "Those who got more number of dates, please distribute and give it to those who received less or none." They followed the Saint's instruction and now everybody got equal number of dates.

    It is often seen that some are more fortunate and some are less fortunate. It is up to us to realize this and share the happiness with the less fortunate by giving them whatever we can and whenever we can. This way we not only help the less fortunate but we too will feel happy for having shared with the needy.

    It is not necessary that only materials or money should be shared. Even knowledge, skill and talent can be shared by many means. Knowledge is power and becomes more powerful when it is shared. Teaching the skills we know or sharing our talent with others will also help those who lack them grow in their own way. Educating others when they seek our help is one way of spreading happiness among those who receive it as well as the giver.

    Here is another little story which highlights the benefit of sharing your knowledge. An employee was asked by his boss to impart his job knowledge to three new recruits. He asked him to teach them all that he new fully and thoroughly. The employee was a bit hesitant because he thought that if the newbies learnt all that he knew, they would override him and go to the next higher post. But the boss clarified and said, "Once you teach them fully well, they will be able to handle the job you have been doing and you will become their Senior and also eligible for a promotion to the next level."

    Finally, I would like to thank Digital Bhoomi for serving as a platform to all of us members to share all our views and knowledge with all those who visit this beautiful Forum...Let us keep sharing and caring for one another in whatever little means we can and whenever and wherever we can...
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    Thank you very much for your post in appropriate time!

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