this is a dependable software. I have version 10. It worked just fine for last many years. Cost came down even for newer version, I think they have v13 now. I use this with windows 8. It works ok for most of the words. Sometimes, it gets trouble with Indian accent

you can train the program to make it better. but, it does involve lot of work from your side. you need to spend good amount of time to train the software to understand your voice patterns and modulations. the software is basically speech recognition program. you speak a word thru mic, it understands and types the word for you.

it's useful if you need to type a lot everyday. it will also help you if your hands are damaged due to illness and carpel tunnel, etc., The software would also help you to open other programs, execute commands (like open, close, run, etc). I do not use those features. I use it mainly to input the words in my documents. I have long documents to prepare for office work, this software saves me lot of time and typing!!!