if you are in U.S., you are familiar with 911 emergency service. Some parts of U.S. support texting to 911. many months ago I wrote a movie review http://www.digitalbhoomi.com/forums/...l-Movie-Review, in which a girl gets snatched by villain when the 911 call operator calls back the girl. that kind of situation can be avoided if the victims text the 911 service (silence your phone also) to avoid giving away phone ringtone to bad guys when you are hiding somewhere in the house.

see how it works here http://www.cnet.com/news/text-to-911...d-to-know-faq/. FCC (U.S. communication agency) regularly update http://transition.fcc.gov/pshs/911/T..._Registry.xlsx which has info about which parts of the country support text to 911.

once upon a time, texting was restricted to freaky geeks and teenagers. now, the silent texting to emergency service, could save someone's life without endangering their life ESPECIALLY if the bad guys are closeby.

i love the below picture, that depicts what i said above.