Hi DBians, I would like to share my Blog with you all. I created this Blog on 2nd August, 2009. It was Friendship Day. I thank Digital Bhoomi because only after I began writing here that I found happiness and enjoyment while expressing my feelings, views and sharing my experiences. The encouragement, support and interactive participation from other members and the Digital Bhoomi team of moderators and last but not the least from our Admin Ram, made my post VRS life enjoyable, entertaining and enlightening. The recognition, appreciation, prizes, encouragement received by DBians can not be found in any other site. I made efforts to learn about Blogging and friends in our Forum helped me a lot. I was happy to seek and get help and clarifications from my friends in DB while creating the Blog. I penned my thoughts in the Blog. I also shared most of my threads published in DB in my Blog. This way I wanted more people to get connected with the Forum. I am really proud to re publish my prize winning threads as well as mostly discussed threads of DB in my Blog. We as members of DB used to discuss of promoting our Forum through our Blogs and I am sure many viewership and membership in DB would have come from our little contribution and promotional efforts through our Blogs.

My Blog http://jayskorner.blogspot.in/ has got about 8400 views.

My first post in my Blog on Friendship Day: http://jayskorner.blogspot.in/search/label/Friendship