This is an age of "selfies" and smartphones. Age is no bar for taking a selfie. Selfies are of two types-Individual and group. Be it at home, or college or office, or in a marriage hall or on the road, parties or picnic spots, bus stand, stations, airports....the list goes on and selfie crazy people do not have any inhibition in taking selfies.

You may wonder why I am writing on this topic of taking selfies when it has become such a common feature among all...Well, reading about the experiences of many selfie taking people made me want to share their experiences and to be cautious of the consequences one may have to face.

A recent media report claims that more people died in India than any other place in the world in 2015 while taking selfies. Taking a selfie while standing on the edge of a hill or mountain or leaning on a balcony or while on a boat, or standing near the door of a moving train or bus...all these are dangerous.Many have lost their lives because of this habit. We read or see about it in the media almost everyday. Yet we fail to remember this and forget ourselves while indulging in this habit.

Yes, I do agree that capturing ourselves with our friends and relatives makes us happy and happier to see and relive those moments later. But the point is we need to stay safe while taking selfies or else we may not “live” to “relive” those memories.

Friends, this selfie taking habit has not only claimed lives. It has cost a person his job too. A scientist got promoted in DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization, our country’s premier defence research agency) in New Delhi recently. The scientist Sushil Kumar who had served many years was promoted and he wanted to share his happiness. So he took selfies in his office with his table, chair and view from his office window and posted these pictures in Facebook. Very soon he was surprised to see vigilance officials at his doorstep who seized his smartphone and also made him remove the pictures from the social media. He was also stripped of his new post and sent back to where he was working earlier. He failed to remember that he was exposing a place of highly sensitive defence installation while sharing his photos in the media.

Hence be alert of the surroundings, places, people and transport in which you are commuting before taking selfies or sharing them publicly.