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Thread: Ilayaraja 1000 and still going strong...

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    Thumbs up Ilayaraja 1000 and still going strong...

    Watching the program ILAYARAJA 1000 on Vijay TV was a treat to the eyes, feast for the ears and happiness for the heart.

    Music lovers of Indian film industry will feel very proud to be living in the era of the maestro Ilayaraja. He is very aptly known as the Isai Gnani.

    The program was conducted to honor the maestro for having composed in 1000 movies which is indeed a great feat done by no one in the world. In those days there were 6 to 8 songs in a Tamil movie. Just imagine the brilliance of the great composer to have composed for 1000 movies containing at least 4 to 6 songs along with the re recording. There was a change in the way or pattern the bgm (background music in a song) was made. The bgm between the pallavi and the 1st saranam differed from the bgm between the pallavi and the 2nd saranam. The change was amazing and even today music lovers or fanatics like me of Raja Sir still remember those bgm or interludes and his theme songs of movies like Nayagan and Mouna Ragam and Punnagai Mannan are popular even after about 3 decades.

    The 70s was a period when we were crazy about Hindi songs of R D Burman There seemed to be a dearth of good music in the Tamil industry. That was when a young man from a small village called Panniapuram came . His very first movie Annakili made him popular and all the songs became a hit. Then there was no turning back for him and the rest is history.

    Raja Sir's composition did not stop with Tamil or other South Indian languages. He became famous in the Hindi movies too. He is the first Asian to score a full symphony for the Royal Philharmonic orchestra in London.

    Ilayaraja is the reason for movie buffs to begin watching and appreciating bgm as well as re recordings of movies.

    No wonder that the entire film industry and Ilayaraja fans gave a befitting honor to celebrate the 1000 movies feat by Raja.

    Let me end this tribute to the maestro by quoting the lyrics of his composition for the film Niram Maratha Pookkal...
    "Aayiram malargale malarungal.
    Amudha geetham, padungal:"
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    I am writing this post in continuance of the above thread after 3 years...Isai gnani is being felicitated by the film fraternity on his 75th birthday. The event is held in YMCA ground and there is a great musical treat by the genius who is conducting a troupe from Hungary today. The event is on February 2nd and 3rd 2019.

    Long live the maestro long live his music...

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