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Thread: How to transfer samsung galaxy contacts to computer?

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    Default How to transfer samsung galaxy contacts to computer?

    Being a Samsung Galaxy user, you must have numerous data from various sources stored on your device.In some situations, you might have mistakenly pressed the delete button and erased your text messages. Or you might have lost the phone, broken the device by unintentionally dropping it to the ground and thus lost the data.

    Losing important contacts is really irritating, so we need to copy samsung contacts to computer for safety's sake. And we need an android file manager to help.

    Try Coolmuster Android Assistant, it's very easy to use and you can also use it to transfer other kind of data from phone to computer, including messages, photos, apps and so on.
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    There are several ways that this can be done. I use Android File Transfer for anything along those lines.

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    Thanks for sharing this, actually, there're many android data transfer apps could help. I happen to know an app works great, just few simple steps, it could transfer text messages, contacts, photos, etc.
    how to transfer data between samsung and pc
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    Samsung contacts can be synced with Kies or gmail, but for me, better transfer and backup solution for contacts is to transfer them to computer. Just need manager tool like Assistant for Android. Check this useful article: backup android contacts
    Besides contacts, you can also use it to copy text messages from android
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    Android Manager is the tool I use for data transfer. It helped me a lot on this. You can read this tutorial on how to transfer contacts from Samsung to computer. It should be helpful for you. Not only export android contacts, but also transfer txt messages and media files.
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