they announced Battlefield Hardline, which only made matters worse.Despite the valid criticisms of EA’s business practices and the games that they have been putting out, copies have still flown off the shelves. Even so, for new EA CEO Andrew Wilson the NeverWinter Astral Diamonds company’s reputation problem is still a pressing issue that needs to be fixed. So, like any CEO worth his salt, he’s outlined a three year plan to fix it.Speaking at the GamesBeat conference in San Francisco, Wilson joked and told the audience I still have a job. Which is an accomplishment in

itself,” suggesting that he has at least been paying attention to the Cheap RS Gold issues that have plagued EA during his first year at the helm. Wilson also explained that he’d like to fix this by putting gamers first.“The first is to re-establish a player-first culture in the company. The focus is on the player and the people enjoying the entertainment you produce. That is the most important thing and I want to get back to that. Although he said that it would take several years to do this, Wilson didn’t

offer any other details on what a ‘player-first culture’ would be. However, as EA were once labeled the ‘worst company in America’ by Consumerist for two years on the trot, anything that makes EA better for players would likely be seen as a win in many gamers' eyes.Wilson also explained that EA would be transitioning as they aim to mmogo embrace digital retail more and be more original when creating games, asking themselves “What are we doing that is new?. They’ve certainly embraced digital recently in terms of their EA Access subscription model