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Thread: Congratulations Dear Digital Bhoomi!!

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    Thumbs up Congratulations Dear Digital Bhoomi!!

    Congratulations to our Forum Admin Ram and his team on completion of a decade of running this forum called Digital Bhoomi. It is 10 years since this Forum was started on the 15th of March, 2007. My association has been since February 2008. It was a wonderful travel through these many years in this Forum through writing, reading and winning the contests conducted. A great experience which I have been missing for quite some time now. Hope to write more and frequently too in the coming days.

    Dear DB, Happy Birthday...March forward in your style in the years ahead to make another decade...
    Congrats Ram once again to you and your team on the tenth anniversary...

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    Thank you very much J! We could have achieved a lot more in the past 10 years. More to come!

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