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    When many are only criticizing the Digital India Movement started by Narendra Modi I would like to share some facts that will make you appreciate the efforts. Government of India has appointed Telecom Service Providers in India in order to make Digital India possible and successful. Airtel, BSNL, Sterlite Tech are few of the companies appointed to increase the digital connectivity and make governance more transparent.

    Sterlite Tech, which designs, builds and manages data networks for ultranet broadband, launched the Sterlite Tech Academy to create a talented pool of network professionals who can handle smart data networks for 'Digital India', 'Smart Cities' and 4G rollout. The industry can now look forward to gain trained and certified professionals for their broadband infrastructure and fibre-deployment.
    Less than 20% of mobile tower sites have robust fibre backbone as many other developing countries have 70%-80%. The academy will give hands-on training and classroom sessions in optical fibre cable deployment. This will enable the entire valued knowledgeable chain get involved in broadband network deployment to solve challenges of currently deployed networks.
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