first, hats off to the story writer. interesting, never-before-told story.

the movie is a story of himalayan mountaineer who falls in love with the tourist from Bulgaria. The romance leads to a child. twist is that the girl does not want the child, also does not want to stay in India. she leaves the child behind, and goes to bulgaria.

fast forward 8 years, the child wants to see her mother. The father reluctantly takes the daughter to Bulgaria. due to chain of events, hero's daughter is kidnapped in Bulgaria. How the father gets her back -- that's the story.

Ajay devgan and the most of the crew acted very well. kudos to cinematographer and stunt choreographers. amazing scenes are captured in breathtaking way. if you like mountains, you will like the movie. if you like revenge for kidnapping, you will like the movie.

on the flip side, there are too many scenes dragged the movie. there is a real problem with actors like Kamal Hassan and Ajay. They don't just focus on their primary skill - acting. they want to do everything; acting, producing, direction, etc., at the end, they show that they are not that good in direction. the film should be edited properly and cut down many scenes that dragged the movie to 2hr 40 minutes.