Apple is going to use AMD in its iMacs. Thatís boosting AMD prices. The unit contribution from Apple is set to increase by millions of units, which increases AMDís desktop volumes by 60%+. Thatís just one announcement from a single PC OEM. There are signs of life in other areas of the business when you include Windows OEMs and Servers. AMD rallied more than 3% on the positive development.

Unexpected sales of GPUs, positive CPU news, and Apple-Vega deal is fueling AMD stock. Also, - 17.45% of AMD stock is shorted. When those shorts are squeezed, the stock is going to go up a little more! Shorts seem to be covering already!

The recent refresh to Apple's outgoing line-up of iMacs with increased graphical capability implies heightened industry-wide attach rates for GPUs on aggregate. AMD manufactures those GPUs.

When the new iMac, which use AMD chips, come out I would be very interested in tinkering with that.

Disclaimer: I own AMD shares.